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Brad Kinard - Boys Lacrosse Director - d5reclax@gmail.com (864) 871-4099

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Free Lacrosse Clinic
Sunday January 28, 2024
2:00 p.m. 4:00 p.m.  
Byrnes Freshman Academy Field
For all 2nd through 6th Grade Boys

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 Happy New Year to you all!  I  hope things are going well.  I am sending out this message to everyone that we had included in our rosters from last year's lax season.

  With the new year in force, we are currently starting to register boys for our upcoming Spring Lacrosse Season.  Registration is open!  Please see the attached notice for details on how to access the registration portal.  We hope that you will all come back out for another season with us.  Registration will remain open until late in February.

  With the departure of a lot of 6th graders moving out of our rec program, we really need to be proactive in recruiting more guys to play with us at both age groups.  Please actively try to encourage your player's friends / families to give lacrosse a try.  As you know, they will not regret playing this sport!

  Additional Details
Our 10U Team will be coached by Mr. TC Gore.  We are excited to have him back with our rec program coaching again.   TC has been around a lot of lacrosse with two sons that have played extensively through rec, high school, and continuing into college lacrosse.  He will do a great job with basic fundamentals of the game and getting our younger team ready to compete.  If we have parents of 10U players that are willing to assist TC with coaching, please let me know and we will be glad to get you connected and involved!  We need  at least  one parent volunteer to help us.

Our 12U Team  will be coached by Mr. Andy Linkous, Mr. Steve Hisker, and Mr. Daniel Horton.  We are happy that  these gentlemen have remained with us and will translate up to our older group.  They will continue to push fundamentals and help the boys prepare to play during a full field environment.  We really appreciate their consistency  for our players and program.

Practicing this season will most likely be on Monday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 7:30 p.m.  We will aim for practicing at BFA, but this is of course subject to other sports and activities that could have an impact.  Practice should start the last week of February, and games will tentatively start during mid-March and will be played on Saturday mornings at Upward.  Final details on locations and such will  be solidified in the coming weeks, and we will inform everyone through TeamSnap as you register.

Please go ahead and register at your earliest convenience.  The quicker we get our teams registered, the easier it is for me to have an accurate count on pinnies to order and have them here in time for our first games.  A  special thanks to our few families that have already registered!  I really appreciate you being so proactive, and you should have seen your player's assignment to the team already in TeamSnap.

Let me know of any questions or concerns as we move forward.  And remember, invite as many friends as you can to our upcoming free clinic on Sunday, January 28th from 2:00 - 4:00 pm at BFA.  Lets get all of our friends  "hooked" on lacrosse in order to grow our community. 

Thanks and Best Regards,

Brad Kinard
D5SAC Boys Lacrosse Director


All players are required to purchase equipment on their own including:


lacrosse helmet
Lacrosse shoulder pads
Arm pads
Lacrosse Gloves
Lacrosse Stick (Short Attack Stick Recommended for Beginners)
Mouth guard


Parent Code of Conduct 
Parents - Please note that D5SAC and D5Rebels is a private organization that is not affiliated with District 5 Schools. We reserve the right to deny participation to any parent or player for any reason. If you as a parent, misbehave in any way during a D5Rebels event, we reserve the right to permanently suspend your participation including the participation of your children.  We have permanently banned parents and players for disrespectful behavior towards staff, officials and other players. Sportsmanship is mandatory. Failure to abide by the parent code of conduct will result in your child being denied participation. Officials and coaches make mistakes all the time. They are human and most are volunteering their time. Cheer FOR the kids and keep it positive. Leave the coaching to the coaches! If you're not qualified nor willing to donate your time to make it better, then please keep the negative comments and actions to yourself. We are not the MLB, NBA or NFL.  We are volunteers for games played by CHILDREN.  Keep it in perspective.
Additionally, Parents agree to abide to the terms and rules listed below:
• All practices and games are mandatory.  Arriving on time to practices as well as 30 minutes before the game start is crucial for success of the team.
• An excused absence or tardiness must be communicated to the coach by a parent/guardian as soon as possible.
 Any unexcused absence in the week leading up to a game will automatically disqualify an athlete from participating in the game.
• Social media will not be used to bully, harass or misrepresent a fellow athlete, either on the team or anyone within the D5Rebels program per South Carolina Law 59-63-120.