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Jason Mangum – Basketball Director – jason.mangum@sysco.com


2024-25 Basketball Registration - Coming In OCTOBER 2024

Practices usually begin the last week of November


· Head Coaches will be reaching out mid November to welcome you to the Team!

· All game schedules will be set in TeamSnap by end of November.

· No games scheduled over Christmas & New Years!

· Games will be played at Byrnes High School – Main & Auxiliary gyms, Byrnes Freshman Academy, Florence Chapel Middle School & Wellford Baptist Church

· Games will start at 9am at every gym location.

· Any questions please contact the Director D5 Basketball Jason Mangum at 864-449-1228 orjason.mangum@sysco.com

Coaches needed in all age groups.  If interested contact the director.


Parent Code of Conduct 
Parents - Please note that D5SAC and D5Rebels is a private organization that is not affiliated with District 5 Schools. We reserve the right to deny participation to any parent or player for any reason. If you as a parent, misbehave in any way during a D5Rebels event, we reserve the right to permanently suspend your participation including the participation of your children.  We have permanently banned parents and players for disrespectful behavior towards staff, officials and other players. Sportsmanship is mandatory. Failure to abide by the parent code of conduct will result in your child being denied participation. Officials and coaches make mistakes all the time. They are human and most are volunteering their time. Cheer FOR the kids and keep it positive. Leave the coaching to the coaches! If you're not qualified nor willing to donate your time to make it better, then please keep the negative comments and actions to yourself. We are not the MLB, NBA or NFL.  We are volunteers for games played by CHILDREN.  Keep it in perspective.
Additionally, Parents agree to abide to the terms and rules listed below:
• All practices and games are mandatory.  Arriving on time to practices as well as 30 minutes before the game start is crucial for success of the team.
• An excused absence or tardiness must be communicated to the coach by a parent/guardian as soon as possible.
 Any unexcused absence in the week leading up to a game will automatically disqualify an athlete from participating in the game.
• Social media will not be used to bully, harass or misrepresent a fellow athlete, either on the team or anyone within the D5Rebels program per South Carolina Law 59-63-120.